#9 – September 9, 1975 – Bob’s Birthday














Dearest Little Prince


Thank you for coming back to your Planet.  Your rose loves you very much.


Your love warms me.  You breathe life into me. My tears are now of laughter because of the joy you have placed tenderly in my heart.


We talk so much of today, today’s love, today’s gift, today’s specialness.


I thank you, no; I praise you for every today of our lives, for every yesterday.  I thank you not only for the Saturday and Sunday of our weekend, but for your love of all our days and nights.


I thank you for the faith that filled you from my prayers.


All our yesterdays have been precious and I would not have missed one.  I thank you and the Lord.  All our todays are filled with growing love, and happiness and tenderness.


I love to go to sleep with you because in your beloved arms, tomorrow, sweet, life-giving, loving, happy perfect “you” tomorrow soon comes.  This today, your birthday, is the best I have shared.  Thank you.  I am wife of Bob






To my little Penny Macaluso Lord


I love you today more than I’ve ever loved you.  You are a gift to me from the Father, the most beautiful gift He could have given me.  You’ve been a gift to me for 18 years, since we met at my apartment on your birthday in 1957.  Such a gift.  A lifetime gift.  And you’ve only become more beautiful, more precious, more valuable.


I feel very roguish about you.  I’m the cat that swallowed the canary.  I’ve got you inside of me wherever I go, and nobody knows about it except you and me.  I feel very sensitive to your moods and feelings.  When you are low or unhappy, I feel like I’ve failed you and then it’s super important to me to make things right so that you’re happy again.


You are my heartbeat.  You’re what makes me tick.  You’re the reason for us being where we are today.  There would be no challenges, no conquests, nothing, without you.  I’ve often wondered over the years where I would be today without you.  I know where I was when we first met.  My father was right when he said I fell in soft.  I really did.  Not because of money or anything like that, but because I had you, and you loved me completely, and he probably knew that having you was the luckiest (blessed) thing that could happen to me.


You and I know it wasn’t luck.  We know that it was all part of a plan.  We were truly meant for each other.  It was God’s plan.  I feel very aware of you.  I feel you with me.  I feel you thinking my thoughts.  I feel you radiating to me and through me.  I’ve thanked our dear Lord for all the gifts He’s given me throughout my life, the way He protected e and led me, the way.  One thing I’ll never be able to adequately thank Him for but I’ll spend the rest of my life trying, is for you.  I love you Penny Macaluso, wife of Bobby Lord.  You are my life.  You are me.


God loves you like I do.  Praise Penny.


Your adoring husband who truly believes that life starts at 40.  Bobby Lord






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