# 8 July 30, 1978 – Carmel, CA – How do I love thee




My sweet love, how do I feel knowing that, like Our Lord Jesus, each day yuou love me with a never-ending love?

My love, my heart, my husband, I love you so very, very much.  Knowing that I will wake up to your never-ending but growing love for me, is like being inside any warm, comfortable home, safe an dry, looking out the window at a driving, rainy, stormy world, never once fearing our house would spring a leak or that I would have to go out in that rain.

The world is that rainy, stormy place.  Watching television always seems to end up upsetting me.  Last night, all of a sudden an uneasy feeling I had; at the beginning of the movie blew up into a full scale attack.  Satan had started out subtle and then boom – but God was with us; our love was with us and so we 3+2=1** made the decision to turn off that program, love each other first – our God and us.  And suddenly a peace came about me, a warmth spread over me and I drifted off into a peaceful sleep, unafraid.

Knowing that, like God, your love is there for me makes me happy, secure, unafraid.  What could happen that the “3” of us cannot handle.  In many ways you show how you love me, the way you always touch me, the way you look at me, the way you grab me, the way you pull me close to you, the way you snuggle me into you in the morning.  And these ways sing out your love for me and I am the happiest girl in the world.

Your little girl who loves you so, Penny Macaluso Lord

**The Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit plus Bob and Penny equal Unity.



Did you ever remember when you were a kid in Brooklyn that certain things would always be there?  For me the corner candy store in the Bronx, there since I was 8, then when I went into the service and came back two years later, it was still there.  That was such a good feeling, a feeling of security.

That’s how our love is.  We go through all kinds of storms, trials, joys and sorrows and then turn around and our love is still there and it is us, and it’s beautiful.  Just one hand touching another, one arm around the other, the skipping of a heart beat when we see each other after a separation.

I almost wrote, “I don’t want to take your love for granted the way I do my love for Jesus.”  And then I said “Wow!!”  I don’t ever want to take my love for Jesus for granted.  And yet I know I do.  I disappoint Him.  I pray that I never disappoint you.  I don’t ever want to take your love for granted.  I never want to lose the excitement of reaching out for your hand, or putting my arm around you, or kissing your cheeks and your lips.  You are my life.

Your Daddy, Bobby Lord



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