#7 May 20, 1978 Westlake Vlg. CA – The Green-Eyed Monster of Jealousy  



My Love – How do I feel when I see you showing signs of jealousy? I am very protective of our love and our relationship, to the point of being possessive at times.  When you show signs of jealousy, my feelings are mixed.  The strongest feeling, I think, is pride.  I know that you love me.  I see the fierceness of your love. It makes me feel good to know you love me so much you would fight for me.   But if we’ve ever taken each other for granted, when the green-eyed monster of jealousy shows its ugly face, we don’t any more.


My second feeling was, in the past, always of fear.  Usually, I was not aware of why you were jealous (I’m so innocent).  I only saw your anger, which for my part was needless.  “What does she have to be jealous of?”  But that always led to one-upmanship.  “Well, I’ll show him!”  When we were both young, and were looked upon as the “beautiful people” we thought it was fun to flirt.  It didn’t mean anything, and it gave our egos a boost.  But it could have led to problems.  We have grown up since then.


We value our love, our Sacrament, our day-to-day relationship too much to play games.  Our adult minds make us avoid situations where jealousy can come up.  Also, we’re aware we’re not superpeople.  We can’t handle every situation (guys who come on strongly to you; girls that flirt with me).  So we’re more protective about allowing ourselves into situations which could prove “Dangereux”.

I love you with all my heart.  I’m not taking any chances with you – Your Daddy



My Sweet Sweet Adorable Lover

When you act jealous of another man it really makes me feel giggly and child-like.  I feel young and pretty and very impish.  When men pay me compliments these days, I am a little more than surprised.  I felt the days of that nonsense were over.

 (N.B. At the date of this letter, Penny was 49 years old and breathtakingly beautiful)


Suddenly I realize that what they see (if they are sincere) is our Lord Jesus and His Love for all His Children, and yes, if that’s true, I’m beautiful, and yes I’m blinding.  But as always, the only thing that has meaning is how beautiful you think I am.  And when you react possessively, I feel very precious, very cared for, very special, like a princess.


My love, we are the unattainable.  We are one in the Lord and we do shine with His Love.  We know the enemy is jealous of that light and so he wants to dim it, or better, just put it out.  He’ll use anyone or anything to do it.  That’s the only frightening about the little games of jealousy, and that frightens me.  How do I feel when someone makes a pass at you?  Not very good – I know it doesn’t mean anything to you, but I get a little stab in my heart.  If we are not to be milk-drinkers, we have to act the part of grownups in the Lord and resist the temptation of pride and ego when Satan and his friends come.  We have to rebuke them.


Fun is fun but if it causes pain to our loved one, it’s a sin and cruel.  I would never hurt you.

I love you with all my heart.  Your Wife.




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