10 May 14, 1978 – Mother’s Day



My Lady on Earth

Today is Mother’s Day.  I look at you, and love you, and venerate you.  You are the instrument through which the miracle of Family came about.

You are all the things I envision in Mother and Wife. You are beautiful, sensitive, loving, instinctive about your children, discerning.  You are this and much more.

You are Our dear sweet Lady here on earth.  She has come into your body, to love through you.  It makes me feel good, very happy very loving and very loved.

I visualize our family at Mass today.  All together in the pew, with me up on the altar.  Then I picture us here while I make breakfast for all of us.

Then a day of relaxation, being just family, mother and daughter, mother and son, mother and father.

The Lord has given us this beautiful gift this weekend.  I’m so happy.  I love you.

Your Husband, your Bobby Lord



My dearest Husband, true father of our children, I love you.

This Mother’s Day I feel so very much a mother because of you and our third weekend.  My heart this day is free to accept fully our daughter and our grandson bercause of the miracle of our weekend.

It is not a day of divided loyalties, but of true oneness.  I feel one with you and with our family.

I am first your wife, so a part of your flesh who you are.  I dwell in you and you dwell in me.  And that is my priority, my upfront feeling – my love for you – our oneness, our unity.  But the joy, the completeness, the peace, the freedom to be complete “me” comes from your inclusion of our daughter and grandson so completely into our lives.

This Mother’s Day I am also so very aware of our Mother Mary.  I want to be her daughter truly.  I want her to be my example.  And this is all because of you and your love for Her.  I want to be part of that love.  I want to try to bring you closer to our Mother by being as much like her as this poor person can be.

Thank you for making me so happy this day, for making me so anxious to begin each day together.  I’m excited, bubbling with joy and yet warm and fuzzy because I am still spiritually sniggle-snuggling in your arms.

Your girl and wife and mother of your kids.

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