#11 21st Anniversary of our Marriage Dec. 21 1979





Today, Beloved Love, Husband and Best Friend is the 21st Anniversary of the first time we were sealed in Marriage, December 21, 1979.  God gave you to me.  How am I treating His gift?

Sweet, sweet sweet Lover, What a beautiful question for a beautiful day.  I remember this day.  It had been a long, hard year of loving you and never being able to hope, but hoping anyway.  Each day for me was the only day.  I didn’t want each day to pass.  I wanted to hold on to you and our love.  My tomorrows then meant a day closer to not ever seeing you again.  And somehow I could not even think, even then, of a day it had not been you and me.  I couldn’t imagine living a day to come that you would not be there.  You were a part of me.  I had stopped breathing without your heart to pump oxygen to my lungs.


And God was there.  He was always there.  The gift of you from God was life.  As God promised Abraham, so God gave us.  He also gave us a son, and our son is called our Love.  I have seen this gift from the Lord grow first to unite us with Him and with each other, with our natural family, then with our Catholic family.  God gave us the gift of Abraham and Sara.  He gave us the gift of love through our Sacrament.  And then because it was a gift that could not be contained, He gave us the gift our weekends (Marriage Encounter weekends) so our gift could and had to be shared with all His Children.


And I feel like John the Baptist.  I feel like a guardian Angel to you.  I feel like Mother Mary.  Each day  is like Christmas morning and I see a rebirth of Jesus in us, a baby, a newness.  Today I feel like we’re about to marry again. I love you.  Your wife forever.




My Wife, My Love

Today is the perfect day for that question. I hope, I pray, I believe that I treat that Magnificent Gift as the treasure that it is.  When my mind tells me that I’m treating you, Go’s gift, as a treasure, I feel light; I feel young.  I feel airy and heady.  I’m like a gazelle or a hind, gracefully scaling to the high places.  I believe I’m a Prince and you are my princess, and the whole world is ours.


I know you are my special gift from God.  I know He loves me very much, and He manifests that love for me by giving you to me as my partner, my traveling companion, my consoler, my lover, my very heart.  I love you girl.  Happy Anniversary.  Your Daddy

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