Bob and Penny Lord #5 New York May 22, 1978

# 5 – New York – May 22, 1978 – Family Night

BobPenny3N.B. Bob and Penny began Family Night, in which they and their child Cheryl and grandson, Rob would share and write a love letter.  This is one of those nights.


My Family, Today is Monday, May 22, 1978 and our family question is

“Who are the happiest people in the world?”

Hands down!  No contest!  We are the happiest people in the world.  Jesus runs our lives.  We are all four of us Children of our Father in Heaven.

Papa (Bob) and I are here in New York, physically separated from you and we’ve just spoken to you on the phone.  And we’re so happy.  We talk about the “two of you” to everyone we meet. A lady said to us today, “You don’t love them much, do you?” kidding.

I said “I live for them.  They are my life.” And your Papa smiled.

Papa and I are praying our novena (54 days) for your Rob.  At first we were going to pray for Sr. Michel Lininus.  We were more than a little concerned.  Then we said, “No Lord, You take care of Sr. Michel.  Protect her vocation.”

We will pray for our grandson.  He and our daughter are what is important, our priorities.  Then we shared about how much you mean to us.

You two are our sunshine and rain, our day and night.  And we truly choose you to be.  We so look forward to our Monday Family Night, and sharing and laughing, and eating and laughing, and playing and laughing, and crying and laughing, and hugging and kissing and being truly one, a family.

Papa and I could live anywhere as long as we have you.  You are our world.  I know more and more each day that Our Lord has a plan for us, and I am so happy.  He plans for us to be more and more happy every day.

The week is flying and I cannot wait until we come home and are together on the weekend and next Family Night.  So you see a place of hell** became Heaven because we look forward to coming home to you, because we love you.

I cry for everyone who does not have a family like I have, does not have the sharing, the support, the love, the community of my family.  I can be blind to the world – because you and your love is in my eyes.  We are more in love with Jesus because He gave us you two more fully through our Family Night.

As God is here, I am your Mama and Baba(Grandmother) and Faye Precious (nicknames Bob and Penny gave each other)


Dear Family:

Today is Monday, May 22, 1978 and I love you.

The happiest people in the world are lovers, those who are free to love and be loved.  They are people who are willing to bask in the sunlight of Our Dear Lord Jesus, and open their arms to Him and be vulnerable.

People who are happiest are those who can see the beauty in their families, their brothers and sisters, and can love them when they don’t think they’re lovable.  We, our family, are the happiest people in the world because we love each other, and reflect the love of each other and bring that love to our brothers and sisters in Christ.

It makes me feel good.  It fills me with joy and anticipation of our next Family night when we’ll all be together after this week of separation.  It makes me feel happy that I love you so much and miss you so much that I can’t wait to be back with you again.

The happiest person in the world is me because I am rich with the love of you.  Always be with me, my family, so I can always be happy, and always find my happiness in you.

With all my love – Your Dad, Poppa and Moe. (Moe Precious – nicknames Bob and Penny gave each other.)

**During this period, Bob and Penny were Manufacturer’s Representatives, and had to go from their home in California to New York to take part in various trade shows.  The world they saw during those times was a world they walked away from when they came back to Jesus.

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