Roman Catholic Saints

We have just started writing articles about Roman Catholic Saints on We are in the process of creating a lens for each Saint and Blessed we are familiar with. The response so far has been very good.

We feel this is a great avenue of evangelization to reach out to more people.

In addition Journey of Faith is now a registered charity on Squidoo.

We want to encourage you to visit and possibly create a lens and earmark some of the earnings as a charitable donation to Journeys of Faith.

We really feel now is the time to enter more places on the net and use them for evangelization. Places like Squidoo and Hubpages and of course the blogs and websites.

Remember if you need any information about how to do these things refer to our website page about internet marketing.

Bob and Penny continue to insist that we must evangelize the world or it will evangelize us.


Brother Joseph

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