Now Bob and Penny Live online


Bob and Penny Lord live online

Evangelizing at the next level!

Live presentations with live feedback

We have been working with software engineers and developers to have a live conference system for our Ministries.

What are live conferences? Live conferences are the newest technology that will allow Bob and Penny to broadcast to the internet live.
You will be able to send messages live to Bob and Penny as you are watching and listening to them on a computer. In other words you will be able to ask Bob and Penny a question and they will answer it right then.
You will log in to our site and see Bob and Penny on your computer live and ready to interact with you.

We have stepped out in faith and paid for the system. Bob and Penny believe we must work together and share our Faith and build up our community of believers and with live conferences. Live conferences will be like coming to Holy Family Mission and meeting them. We will set up studio at Holy Family Mission and broadcast from there.

Membership required
Limited seating
All you need is a computer with internet connection
First 50 seats – Elite status
Sign up today! See below

Membership Features:
1. Access to Bob and Penny Lord live conferences
2.Access to selected programs we will also be broadcasting on this channel.
3. Access to any special broadcasts – like tape of our Louisiana trip.
4. Access to our annual conference – Elite status only
5. Elite status members will be grandfathered. That is any new additions and features will be granted at no additional cost.
Reserve your elite seat today.

Bob and Penny have committed to a minimum of one conference per month.

Brother Joseph has committed to a minimum of broadcasting one program per month.

We also committed to minimum an additional broadcasting of one special event once per month.

Our goal is to let this live conference system grow with your needs and interests.  We are in the infancy of the latest advances in communications. We want to use this to spread the Good News and interact with you.

Sign up today!

Elite Status (first 50 seats) is now open. After we reach 50 signups we will close the Elite Section.

Elite Status – one year subscription – $19.95

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