Bob Lord’s Christmas Message to you

From My Pew

Thanks for the Memories…..


Family, many of you will recall the theme song of Bob Hope.  He sang a few chords from a song he had sung in one of his earlier movies.  But it had great meaning to Bob Hope and the people he sang to, especially the troops overseas during his annual Christmas tours from 1944 to 1990.

Well, the view from my pew has been a little different this last year and a half since Penny left me to go to Heaven.  I’ve gone through our writings and selected some personal stories which you may not have read or heard before if you’re not familiar with all our writings.  I tried to find particular ones where Penny was the sole author because she was such an inspired writer, and also because I love her very much.  One, which you will find interesting, is written by both of us from our particular vantage point of the day we met, September 23, 1957, her birthday.  That was taken from our book, “The Journey and the Dream

She had such a vivid recollection of her childhood, especially of holidays when she was young.  One of them tells about how she remembers Christmas in an Italian neighborhood, the sights and smells of the holiday.  She writes so beautifully, so descriptively.  This one comes from our book, “Miracles of the Child Jesus

bookbcj3d (2)

These are just some of the memories I want to thank my precious girl for, and also for you, who have traveled with us over the years through our books, television programs and lecture series.  You have been an important part of our lives and ministry.

Memories never get old

At this most important time of the year, you might want to turn your mental vision inward to the memories which have been important to you over the years.  Think back on the people who have made such a difference in your lives.  Most likely they would be family, spouses, children, grandchildren and so on.  Try to remember a Christmas that meant so much to you and them.  It may have been long ago, or it may have been more recent.

Try to remember other important times in your lives.  For those of you who are married, dig deep into your soul to the day you married, or the days leading up to your marriage.  Think about the day you met, and the bond that was created between you as a couple and as children of God began.

If you are a priest or a religious, think back to the day you fell in love with Jesus, and Mother Mary, and when you decided to give your lives to them.  Bring back to memory the day of your ordination, or for religious, the day of your final profession, where you made the lifetime commitment to give up your lives to your spouse.

These times, these memories are treasures you and your loved ones have, that no one else has.  Hold on to them; cherish them.  If your loved one is still with you, reminisce those times in your lives that have meant so much to you.  If you are separated by death, get together spiritually, perhaps at the end of the day, and relive these memories.  It’s the best Christmas gift you can give one another.  They are truly priceless.

And if I may combine Mr. Hope’s sign off with ours,

“Thanks for the memories…..We love you!”


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One Response to Bob Lord’s Christmas Message to you

  1. Dawnie Jens says:

    Thank you Mr. Lord, it is wonderful to hear from you – In as much as I have learned, enjoyed and travelled with you and Penny even with these Majestic Saints the subject at hand I often think of the beautiful love story you two share. truly a miracle and inspirational – you two make quite a team – you lived the dream together – your marriage surely ordained by God.
    You must miss Penny every minute of the day – it is very courageous of you to continue to bring us stories of the Saints and not stay home (where everything is a memory)to soldier on fighting the good fight only without your beloved partner at lest for a while.

    Take care and “We love you too”

    Dawn Marie Jensen

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