This made me cry when I read it – please share this dream

Someone sent me this recently. It make me cry when I read it. I think this is very timely.

THE DREAMjesus and children

A woman had died and was on her way to the Gates of Heaven and while on her way she saw a beautiful, extremely large playground with Jesus and  children running and playing and watching the road to the Gates.

As she got closer to the gates a little boy ran up to her and said, “Are you my mommy?”

She drew back and said. “No!” then fell to her knees and wept and asked Jesus to forgive her for what she had done.

She then got up and proceeded towards the Gates, and just before she got there a little girl came up to her and said, “Are you my mommy?”  Again she stopped but this time leaned over and said. “Yes I am; come here, I want to ask you to forgive me and I do love you.”

Then the mother asked the little girl to explain why Jesus was in the area with the children outside the Gates of Heaven.  The little girl explained that the children of abortions would not enter the Gates of Heaven, since they all believed they should not enter someone’s house without their mother’s permission.

And also, Jesus had built this large area near the Gates for all these children to play and be with Him and watch for their mothers. He told them they would know without a doubt who their mother’s were when they come down the road to the Gates and he instructed the children to ask the mothers if they were their mother. This would allow the mothers to acknowledge their children and prove their love for their children.

motherandchildrenNow I understand, and then the mother turned around and saw the little boy sitting by the road where she had met him and said. ” Come here Johnny, I knew you were my son and I love you.”

The little boy jumped up and the three of them hugged each other for quite a while.

Finally, the mother grabbed both of them by the hand and said, “Come on children, this family is going to Heaven!”


Comment: This really touched me and I wanted to share with you all. Please share this with your friends and family.

Also say a prayer that all families will be healed like this one was in this dream.

Saint Joseph and Saint Anne might be good to ask for intercession for healing of families and of course Mother Mary.

Brother Joseph Freyaldenhoven





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