You have a Best Friend

You have a Best Friend

good shepherdFamily, when we gave a talk in a church, Penny and I always asked our audience to think about a Best Friend.  I would ask “Can you remember your best friend?  It could be anyone from any part of your life.  Think about it.  I can see some of you smiling.  Some of you look sad.  But everyone remembers his or her best friend.  I want you to think about someone in your life who was your best friend.”

Penny would then add in “Your best friend could be your mom or your dad, your grandparents, relatives.  You could have a best friend from school, or a BFF, best friend forever, from after your school days.  Your best friend could be a boyfriend or girlfriend, a husband or wife.  Think about who could be your best friend.”

Then, when we felt everyone had a chance to think of who their best friend was, I would ask “Has your best friend ever let you down? 

It could be a school friend who promised you would be friends forever, and then moved away and began a new life.

It could be your parents who divorced. 

It could be your grandparents who said they would always be there for you but then died.  They didn’t mean to, but they let you down.

Has your best friend ever betrayed you?”

Penny would smile and say “Well, we have good news for you.  You have a Best Friend right here in this Church Who will never disappoint you, will never let you down and will never betray you.  He is here for you now and every time you come into this Church.  He is Our Lord Jesus present in the Eucharist.”

Young people, do you feel like no one listens to you at home?

Wives, do you wait for your husband to come home, so that you can have an adult conversation, and he grabs a beer and plops himself in front of the TV?

Husbands, can you not wait to get home so that you can talk about something other than your job, and all your wife want to do is tell you how bad the kids were?”

Come here, to this church.  You have someone here who is waiting just for you.  When you come, you are the most important person in the world for Him.  Everyone and everything else is blocked out from His mind.  While you are here, He focuses completely on you.  He listens to everything you have to say.  And if you stop talking to Him for a moment, and just listen, He may answer you.  He will speak to your heart.  He’s just waiting for you.”

I have to tell you a funny incident.  While we were living in Southern California, we came to Little Rock, Arkansas to give a talk on this very subject.  Now Penny had an eagle eye.  She watched everyone who came in.  She saw this young couple, late teens, early twenties come in.  Now it was obvious he was not anxious about being there.  He just wanted to go off to his car with her and smooch.   But she wanted to be there.  So Penny focused on these two.  All during the talk, he had his arm around her, and was kissing her ear.  She would try to push him away but he was not having any of it.

Penny focused her attention on these two.  They were at the end of the pew.  As Penny spoke more and more about a best friend, this girl became more and more uncomfortable.  And when Penny said “Has your best friend ever betrayed you” she said it right to this girl.  The girl shoved the boy off the pew and he landed on the floor.  Needless to say, he behaved for the rest of the talk.

eudcharistFamily, Jesus is your best Friend.  He is there for you.  If your church has Adoration, even one day a week, go, spend whatever time you can, and talk to Him.  Listen to Him.  If you don’t have Adoration in your church, He is still there in the Tabernacle.  He is waiting for you.  He will never let you down.

We love you!

 Bob Lord

Bob and Penny Lord Ministry

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