Love Letters Bob and Penny Lord #2 Saturday of Marriage Encounter


BobPenny3My Dearest Spouse

I’m trying to answer first the question, which do I want more to share myself with you or to be able to hear you with all my heart.

To share myself with you would result in you understanding me and my wants.  That you have always done.  But my search is to find our more and more of you to hear with my ears pierced by God’s hot poker, to see with eyes whose veil has been removed by Jesus’ mercy and to listen, really listen with my heart opened by the Holy Spirit of love, and your love, my heart.

My heart is to know you, to love you, to serve you, to obey you.  Your people are my people.  I shall put aside all and follow you.

But to follow, to love, to know your commands (gentle and infrequent and subtle) I have to pray to God our Father that I be blessed with the miracle of really listening.

My love, I am a simple girl.  I cannot speak, nor write except in the most direct.  I cannot understand subtleties, parables, poetic inferences.  I can hear like a child the beat of your heart.  I can see love, happiness, hope, laughter, and yes tears in your eyes.  I can feel our oneness in your touch, your beautiful, beautiful hands upon my body.

Your words, if they are simple and direct, sometimes even then I need to know more.  No longer do I want to assume.  For to assume is to miss the magic of your greatest thoughts, your most special feelings.  When we married, I believe it went like “in sickness, in health, in happiness or sorrow, till death do we part.”

If not, what I want to say is please, please share all of you always with me.  Do not keep me from knowing the tears of our love, therefore allowing myself to be cheated of even one small part of you.

Sometimes I know I must make you uncomfortable when I look at you so intensely – I am listening.

I love you – Your Wife


My Most Precious Love

I have a feeling that this thing is starting to work on me.  I’ve always felt we were close in our communication, but I’m beginning to get a burning sensation in my stomach when I think of you, or sit next to you and hold you in my arms and touch you.  I’m opening myself up to you.  We’re becoming one with each other more, if that’s possible, than we’ve ever been.  I feel a radiance coming from you which blinds me.  Your touch makes me tingle.  I feel everything that separates us disappearing.  It’s like we’re in a vacuum.  No air, no dust, nothing between us.  I’m noticing things I hadn’t really looked at in years.  Your hands, your fingers, your ears, your neck, just all of you are becoming open and beautiful to me.  I feel that everything has been wiped away but us, and the distance between us is pure.  Our communication will be pure because of it.

I adore you.  Your husband

One Response to Love Letters Bob and Penny Lord #2 Saturday of Marriage Encounter

  1. Lizzie Sangi says:

    Dear Bob and Penny Lord,

    May your years be blessed.

    I apologize for havinging to comment on your wedding anniversary page but I am looking for immediate help. There is a page posted on You Tube that says, “St. Margaret Mary Alacoque and Sacred Heart Devotion”. The picture to this site is a half (1/2) naked nun, on her stomach, masturbating. I translated the text to English and loosely translated a sexual site, using St. Margaret Alacoque as the nun, praying and asking Jesus for sexual favor. The title, in Headline says (in Spanish) “favor in mistical devocion …..sexual”.

    Fan Rationale, posted this and other pages like it. Perhaps I can e mail the link as I cannot get it across for people to PLEASE notify You Tube and remove this evil. This person had to know how to fly under the radar, elsewise that picture would NEVER be posted!

    Thank you for your valuable time. PLEASE help get this horrific post, using and suffering our beautiful ST. MARGARET MARY ALACOQUE, off of You Tube.

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