Celebrate Saint Joseph’s Altar With Us

Dear Family:


That time has come again, when we give special honor to St. Joseph.  We really want you to be here with us for our annual St. Joseph’s Table.  But, you may say, “What’s the big deal?” and “Why do we have to have a special devotion to St. Joseph?”  There are many reasons.  One which affects all of us is that St.   Joseph is the patron of a happy death.

And this is only one of the many devotions and special miracles attributed to his intercession.

Our Special Saints and Powerful Men and Women have all had a devotion to St. Joseph.

But some in particular are:

St. Brother Andre ofMontreal

Brother Andre had such a devotion toSt. Josephthat

he built an Oratory inMontrealin honor ofSt. Joseph.

Whenever those in need came to Brother Andre

for a miracle, he always referred them to St. Joseph!


St. Teresa of Avila had a great devotion toSt. Joseph.

She named her first convent afterSt. Joseph.

She said he never let her down.

She made it a practice to place a statue of Santo Nino

and one of St. Joseph in each of the 18 houses she founded.


Mother Angelica has always had a great devotion toSt.   Joseph.

She gives credit to St. Joseph for all the good things that have happened to her.

Mother has unceasingly turned to him for his intercession,

believing Jesus has always had a special devotion to His foster father.


Bob and Penny, along with Luz and Brother Joseph, unceasingly turn to St. Joseph “St. Joseph has never let us down.  No matter what we ask for, if it’s good for our souls, he helps us to get it.”


The Holy House you will see on our grounds here at Holy Family Mission

are because of St. Joseph’s intercession.


We want you to be among those who can say

St.   Joseph is their special Saint.

Come and celebrate St. Joseph’s Table on March 17,

at Holy Family Mission.

Everyone is welcome!  Bring family and friends.

Bob and Penny Lord invite you to their website http://bobandpennylord.com

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