We Need Your Help!

Dear Family:

We need your help!  This is the hardest letter we have ever written.

Like so many of our brothers and sisters,

we have been severely affected by the poor economy over the last three years. 

Although sales of our books and DVDs have increased significantly, bookstores are suffering badly and/or going out of business, which is a major part of our problem.

In addition to all of the above, our donations have been seriously affected.

We have cut back expenses to the bone, eliminating all but those absolutely necessary.

And even with that, our monthly expenses are greater than our monthly income.

The bottom line is we have been draining all our reserves. 

We don’t have enough money to carry us through the year.

We have been brainstorming on ways to bolster our sales.

We have created mini books, centering on one Saint, one chapter from our books,

The cost to the buyer has been considerably less.  And it has been successful! But not enough to cover our overhead.

People ask for catalogs. As we are out, we send them copies of our Good Newsletters, which have our books and DVDs illustrated.  They are hardly a good stopgap.

We receive so many loves letters thanking us for our Good Newsletters. 

But without financial assistance, we will not be able to print new editions.

This ministry is under the banner of Jesus and Mary.  You are part of our work! 

All that we do, and will continue to do, with your help, will bring us out of this crisis.

But we have to turn to you for help.  Can you help us???

We can’t give you a figure of how much money we need.

We know that we need help now, as much as you can give.

If you can help us in any way, it will help to keep us going.

We’ve never written a letter like this before.

If times were not so serious, we would not be reaching out to you now.

We receive countless letters praising our work, pleading with us to do more.

We want to continue evangelize with  books and television programs.

You are part of us.  We cannot do it without your help.

Whatever you can give, give with all your heart and God will bless you.

We love you.

Your Family in Christ,

Bob and Penny Lord, Brother Joseph and Luz Elena


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