Saint Mary Magdalene de Pazzi – Her Final Words

Saint Mary Magdalene de PazziIn 1604, at 38 years of age, our Saint became hopelessly ill, she couldn’t move her legs; she experienced a very painful numbness, similar to the sensation you feel when a part of your body has gone to sleep. But when the other sisters tried to alleviate the pain, she was filled with such excruciating spasms, they had to stop.

She remained bedridden, suffering not only unbearable agony physically, but spiritually, as she once again experienced the “Dark night of the Soul.” Feeling nothing but pain and loneliness, her Lord withholding Himself from her, she begged her Lord for more suffering, as she knew it was helping Poor Souls in Purgatory. But if her pain ceased, she praised the Lord, as well, because she accepted this as His Divine Will.
This went on for three years! Finally, the time came for St. Mary Magdalen came to say good by to her Community. She knew she was going Home.

She said: “Reverend Mother, and dear sisters, I am about to leave you. My final request is that you love Jesus alone, that you trust in Him completely and that you encourage each other to willingly suffer out of love for Him.”

On May the 25th, 1607, at age 41, St. Mary Magdalen went Home to her Spouse and to all her friends, the Saints in Heaven. She had had such love and compassion for the Poor Souls in Purgatory, they had prayed for her when they were admitted into Heaven. These Souls now Saints, had been waiting to escort their friend to her Celestial reward.
As a visible sign of His special favor, the Lord left her body incorrupt, that all could see His precious and faithful Bride. It can be viewed till today, in the Carmelite Convent in Careggi (Florence).

St. Mary Magdalen de Pazzi was added to the Calendar of Saints in 1669, sixty-two years after her death to this world and new life in the world, we all look forward to living in some day.

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One Response to Saint Mary Magdalene de Pazzi – Her Final Words

  1. Steve says:

    This Saint I read about in Fr. Schouppe’s work “Purgatory” as it is a fascinating description of the levels of Purgatory.

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