October 2010 – Update from Bob and Penny Lord

Update from Bob and Penny Lord:


1. Bob and Penny will be giving a Advent Retreat at Holy Rosary Church in Houston, Texas – December 10th and 11th.  Call 1-800-633-2484 for more information.

Tell your friends in the Houston area.

2. We have opened up http://www.bobandpennylord.tv to everyone – no fees to view Bob and Penny archives. This site has hundreds of hours of video of Bob and Penny that you can view on demand free.

Here is the link to get in and watch archives of Bob and Penny



3. This Christmas give the Saints. The Saints will guide us Out of the Darkness into the Light.  Here is our link to our list of Saints.

Discover your heritage, the Roman Catholic Saints dvds, their struggles and tragedies.
These Saints will be our guides during hard times.
Discover how they triumphed over all that came their way.

Need a role model for your children or grandchildren?
Point them to Saint Maria Goretti, or Saint Dominic Savio

Going through a crisis?
Find the Saint below that had a similar experience.

Discover how the Roman Catholic Saints changed the world for the better
and they can help us change our world!




Brother Joseph

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