Reminder – Next live conference May 28

1. Just want to remind everyone that the next live conference will be

May 28 – 2:00 pm

Bob and Penny were very excited about the first live conference. Thank you so much for your comments.

Also, remember we said the elite section would be closed at 50 seats for $19.95 per year subscription.

4 Seats are left

The Next 50 seats will be $24.95 per year subscription.

Here is the link to get the full information about our next live webcast.

You can watch free until we get all the subscriptions in 100 in total and that will be it.

2. We are offering a free minibook for anyone that will tell three of their friends about our website Today’s minibook offer is Saint Anthony of Padua

If you want to participate then click on the logo below.

Tell your friends about our site
Today’s ebook offer is Saint Anthony of Padua

3. Finally we need to pay the bills like everyone else

If you or someone you know does affiliate marketing they may be interested is this

Instant Affiliate Website  – Free

4. Most Important please keep praying for our Ministry.

God Bless you all

Brother Joseph

If you

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