Become a cyber Evangelist today

What are cyber evangelists?

Cyber evangelists are people just like you and me that have decided to work together under the guidance of Bob and Penny Lord Ministries to effectively use the internet to evangelize and at the same time earn a few dollars to pay the bills.

Sign up free today

What are the requirements to join?

Number one is a willingness to learn some simple steps, and a real desire to use your talents to help Jesus.

That is all you need to join?
Remember this is a step by step process.

To join click here

What will this cost me?

Plain and simple. If you already have a website, absolutely nothing.

If you do not have a website you will need to get one. We do have a suggestion for one for $10 per month. This site has everything built in. But that comes later.

Every other signup is absolutely free. The secret of the internet is that companies are looking for advertisers and will pay to get them.

Remember on the internet most of the companies will pay you to advertise for them.

We tap into that well and believe me it is deep.

Our secret is that we take all the free stuff and use it to evangelize and earn money at the same time.

What are the rewards?

Number one is Heaven.

If you follow the step by step process, you will be able to earn about as much as you want depending on how much you put into it.

It is that simple.

The secret is to follow the steps.

Tell me more about cyber evangelism?

The cyber evangelists program is very, very simple.  We have taken years of effort and have taken the best internet practices and boiled them down to a simple system.

We have divided the program into phases.

Phase I Sign Up

Phase II Register with free affiliate marketeers register your website if you do not have one.

Phase III Learn how to edit your website and choose a niche to get extra income.
Example: You may choose to sell digital cameras along with evangelize on your site. We will show you how to set up your site.

Phase IV Build your site and expand it and start to use social media (Twitter etc to advertise and evangelize) plus use some ppc is you desire to move a little faster.

Phase V Expand your reach with new tools.

The length of these Phases is up to you.  When you finish Phase I you will email us and we will direct you to step two.

Final comments?

Our goal is evangelism. Bob and Penny Lord and the staff at Journeys of Faith, have devoted their lives to it.

We believe it is better to teach someone to fish than to feed him a fish.

We also will be available for support. Let us work together to bring about the gentle revolution.

Sign Up

We will email you the instructions to proceed to Phase II as soon as we receive your email.


Bob and Penny Lord Ministries

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