Saint Agatha of Catania, Sicily

Miracles attributed to Saint Agatha’s intercession began immediately.

Saint Agatha dvd

One of the most popular, and well-documented miracles took place a year to the day after she died. Mt. Etna, which has spewed volcanic lava and ash since before the time of St. Agatha, exploded with a fury on the feast day of her death.

Lava violently erupted from the mouth of the volcano, and cascaded down the mountainside, destroying everything in its path. It was heading wildly for Catania. The people of the town took the veil of St. Agatha, held it up in the air, and prayed for the intercession of the Saint.
Immediately, the flow of the volcano changed course, encircling the outer extremity of the town, without touching any of the people or buildings. From there, it rushed toward the sea, into which it spilled its threatening lava. Prayers of thanksgiving were offered to the little Saint who had protected the town and its inhabitants from yet another evil force. From that time on, her miraculous veil, 12 feet long, was exposed every time lava threatened Catania or any of the nearby cities. She has been named patron Saint of the city of Catania in Sicily.
The people of Catania have always celebrated the Feast of St. Agatha, which falls on February 5, but over the centuries, the celebration has become bigger and bigger until today, it is a three day celebration, beginning February 3, and continuing on until February 5th, where it culminates with a solemn Mass celebrated by the Archbishop of Catania.

This period of jubilation reminds us of the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe in that it is attended by millions of people, who are so well behaved. Family, St. Agatha is a powerful intercessor. She is a young girl. She understands the plight many of our young people are suffering today. Reach out to her. She will help.

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