The Catholic Experience

We continue to get a lot of requests to indentify all of Bob and Penny Lord’s media sites in one location for ease of navigation.  Bob and Penny Lord are presently building what we call “the Catholic Experience.” This is just another legacy to their efforts.

So we are including the information about the Catholic Experience below with the appropriate links to the sites.

Thanks Brother Joseph

Bob and Penny Lord Ministries
“The Catholic Experience”

Bob and Penny Lord Ministries summary: Bob and Penny Lord
have been evangelizing for over 30 years.

They continue to use their God given talents and gifts
building a legacy of a “Catholic Experience” through their media and first hand knowledge.

They are also expanding the Catholic Experience by
sharing their extensive knowledge about the various Shrines they have visited over the last 30 years.

For example:
In 1975 they met Father Antonio Giannini while visiting
Churches in Siena, Italy. Father Giannini just happened to be the foremost authority on
Miracles of the Eucharist
in the World!
Through their association with Father Giannini they (with God’s help) were able to introduce
Miracles of the Eucharist to America. (Thanks to Mother Angelica and
EWTN Global Catholic Television Network

These sites work together to bring a more complete
“Catholic experience”
and each site has reference links to outside sources of information.

Each site has a reference link to this page for easy
navigation between the sites.

We suggest you subscribe to our free e-Good Newsletter. since more sites are being constructed and will be added.

This will keep you up to date on what is happening with us.

Website  –

Short Description –  our parent site
Good Newsletter

Website  –

Short Description – Catholic on line shopping mall
Over 50 affiliate shops
Catholic Books – statues – medal
Featuring Monastery gifts
Food court with unique items

Website  –

Short Description – Catholic on line Yahoo store
All of Bob and Penny Lord’s items in a simple easy to use format

Website  –

Short Description – Marian Apparitions
Short summaries of each apparition
Links to Marian Shrines
Marian Shrine Travel information

Website  –

Short Description – All about Catholic Miracles
Well known plus lesser known Miracles
Short articles about the Miracles
Resources for further information

Website  –

Short Description – All about Catholic Saints
Short articles on Saints
Information on Saints Shrines

Bob and Penny Lord’s Ministries
PO Box 845
Morrilton, AR 72110

FAX 501-354-1783

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