An Athiest and a Nun sent us emails

We wanted to share some items of interest this season.

First  – Remember,  above all that Jesus is the reason for the Season. But of course we are preaching to the choir! We know you already know this.

Second – with that said, we want to encourage you to purchase those things this Christmas season that will give back forever, that is give gifts that lead to eternal life..


Email from an atheist!
This morning we received an email from a atheist
.  Here is the quote:   “Why are you guys devoting your lifes (sic) to something that might not exist?”

We thought about this for a moment and thought about this person and how they must be looking forward to nothing. How sad. As far as proof of life after death, Our Faith gives us enough evidence to do what we have been doing and doing it each day with much gusto and joy. When you do something that you love to do you will never work a day in your life. Let us all pray for that person.

And that is the reason we evangelize; to reach people so they do not get to that point.


Email from a future Nun!

We also received a short video clip for a young lady who is converting to Catholicism and hopes to become a Nun.  She was energized by watching Super Saints on EWTN and let us know how EWTN changed her life. And furthermore know this;  this young lady was the most unlikely person you would ever suspect would watch EWTN. God is good!


Finally, we want to suggest three pages on our websites for you to browse:


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