Blessed Miguel Pro – Nov 23

There is a tradition about Padre Pro. We’re told that it was given in testimony, at the process of his Beatification. We really believe it is so in keeping with whom the man was, and how loved he was by Our Lord Jesus, we feel it important to share it with you.

Blessed Miguel Pro minibook

He celebrated Mass every day in secret. On the day before he was arrested for the last time, he was celebrating Mass in a home, attended by a small number of people. It is said that during the Consecration of the Mass, as he held the Consecrated Host, a brilliant light surrounded his entire body. His vestments were so bright that people had to turn their heads away. His face and hands were gleaming; he levitated. He was transfigured as Our Lord Jesus on Mount Tabor before him. We like to think of this as a Miracle of the Eucharist of Mexico.

A plot had been hatched. We don’t know if it was directed against Miguel Pro, or former president Obregon. Some think it was Calles’ way of killing two birds with one stone. Obregon had been motoring in the area of Chapultepec, when a car came alongside him, and bombs were thrown at his car. He escaped with minor injuries, but his guards chased the four terrorists, who had run from their car. Two escaped. One was shot dead, and the other through the temple. He was brought to the hospital. His wife stayed with him until he died, and testified he never regained consciousness. However, the police claimed an undercover policeman got into his hospital room, disguised his voice as the assailant’s brother-in-law, and spoke to him. The assailant supposedly put the blame on Padre Pro, his brother Humberto, and Luis Segura.

Miguel and his family knew nothing about the plot. As a matter of fact, he had felt somewhat of a lull in the police intensity to get him. He had even moved back into his father’s house. When he heard about what had happened to Obreg¢n, he was sure it would keep the police occupied for some time, and they wouldn’t be bothering him. The lady, at whose house Miguel had stayed, prior to moving back with his father and brothers, was arrested. The police were looking for the Jesuit priest. Somehow, they managed to trip her up, and she told them where Miguel was. Early the next morning, before anyone was up, the police raided Pro’s father’s house, and arrested Miguel, Humberto, and his other brother, Roberto. They were all carted off to jail.

Miguel actually thought what the police was doing was hysterical. There was no way, he thought, the plot against Obregon could be connected to him or his brothers. They were nowhere near the scene of the crime when it happened. So he went about his normal routine of clowning around and joking. He made friends with the guards, gave them cigarettes. He even converted one while he was in prison.
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