News from Holy Family Mission

Our conference, “Proclaim the Kingdom of God!” was a huge success and we have just completed the production of the Conference dvds and cds and they will be shipped this week.

Bob and Penny will be speaking in Manchester, New Hampshire November 7 at Sainte Marie’s Church. This is a one day reatreat. For more information call 1-800-633-2484.

Many of you are interested in downloading our Minibooks and cds.  Now you can! This is link for downloading minibooks:

This is link for downloading cds Both are $4.95 each and of course no shipping – instantaneous download Adobe pdf and mp3 audio files

A friend of the ministry called in to say that keeping track of the news was making her sick.  We have decided to pray more and worry less.

It seems to us that only Divine Intervention can put us back right with God. Prayer is the only means left to us and it just happens to be the best remedy.

Penny asks us to: “Pray for our country and its leaders!”

Please pray for our ministry. These are serious times.

Do not forget to look for Christmas gifts at

The minibooks mentioned above make great gifts, along with our books and dvds of course.

Thanks and God Bless you all
Holy Family Mission staff

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