Bob and Penny’s Message – “I had a dream”

Family, we know the Lord speaks to us in many ways.  Throughout the history of our Church and the Lives of the Saints we’ve studied and written about, the Lord has used many forms to talk to us.  We recall in particular reading about the Dreams and Visions of St. Don Bosco.  Most of the important events in his life were prefaced by a dream or vision.  We want to share a dream that I had more than ten years ago.  So then, let us begin.

I had a dream!

This powerful dream I had a long time ago, came back to me, today!  As I pondered on it, trying to figure out why after all this time, it flared up in my mind right now, at this time in our life, and in our church and country, I came to believe it is more apropos and timely today than ten years ago, when I first had the dream.  As I glance through books we wrote as long ago as ten years past, I have the same feeling!  It’s as if time has stood still, and all we are writing about has just come to pass.

Our dreams have to do with God, the soldiers of God, and the enemies of God.  When I first had this dream, I did not know who the enemy was or what he wanted.  All I knew and know now and for all time is God is in charge and although we, His children, are not worthy, our God is listening to our pleas for mercy.  It’s like He loves us because He loves us.  It has nothing, in particular, to do with us.  So Our Lord says just get on with it.  And so, with that on our mind, we want to share our dream with you. I rarely remember a dream; but this one has never left me.  When I first had this dream, I felt a wave of joy and hope!  Now I know the outcome is up to you, God’s children.  We cannot sit back and sink into our easy chairs.

My dream went like this:  First off, let me explain I know very little about sports, football or baseball, but here goes!  My dream opens with a big field, the size of a stadium, with just one thick white line running down the middle of it.  There was a coach on either side of the white line, choosing players.  The players were anxious to get started, straining at the bit.  They were hand-picked by each coach, and instructed to stand on one side of the white line or the other.  But wait, a really curious thing began to happen.  At first, the young players were following instructions, one going to the right and one going to the left, simultaneously.  But then, those players already on the left were acting strangely.  First, they had anxiously run to the side where the coach had called them.  They seemed anxious and excited.  But after a few minutes, they started to leave the left side of the field, walking around the back of the left field, and were joining the players on the right.  This seemed strange.  I looked up at the captain of the team on the left to see if he knew what was happening.  He didn’t seem to realize he was losing his men to the team on the right side.  As I looked closer at the two captains choosing men for their team, I saw the one on the left.  The captain appeared extremely handsome, with blond, curly locks of hair but as I looked closer, I noticed he no longer smiled; he looked angry, ominous!  Then I quickly looked to the captain on the right side of the field.  He looked like St. Michael the Archangel, with the standard of Mother Mary waving beside him.

The sky turned dark.  Ominous black clouds appeared.  Now the field was no longer a playing field, it was a battle field.  And the players were no longer players; they were warriors.  On the right they were carrying crosses and rosaries.  The Lord was preparing His people for a great battle.  On the left they were dressed in battle gear with swords and shields.  Those soldiers who stayed on the left side had decided to become soldiers of the world and its false promises.  Those who had left the fallen one and his side of the field had chosen to become soldiers of God. I wondered why those who had decided to remain on the left did not switch over to St. Michael.  Was it because the captain on the left was so handsome?  And the pep talks he gave them were so great; they sounded so reassuring.  It didn’t matter that they were lies.  He just seemed like such a regular guy.  Recall, family, an article we wrote for the last Good Newsletter, which was entitled, “Beware of Nice Guys” (Good Newsletter Summer 2009 – Page 9)

This dream and the evils that are going on in the world today, have been going on these last ten years, but today, they are being accelerated at an enormous speed.  This confirms that the great battle for our souls and the Church and the world is getting stronger and stronger, and shows no sign of letting up.  Power and position have taken precedence over plain decency and Christian behavior.  We hear things like “Science must take preference over morals.” And “the good of the individual must be sacrificed for the good of the many.”  And then we hear St. Teresa of Avila saying,

“To accomplish the greatest good, the slightest evil must not be done.”

You know what side of the field you must be on.  Listen to the whisper in your ear.  Look for St. Michael the Archangel, or any of the Heavenly Army of Angels.  You will be able to recognize them.  Join them.  Get on their line, and prepare for battle.  Join the gentle revolution.

The end of the song we have adopted, which we play and sing at the end of all of our talks goes like this:

We have seen and we believe

We will share our faith with everyone

You’ll know them by their fruits

You’ll know them by their fruits…We love you!!

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