Real Challenges

Real Challenges
These are challenging times for all Americans, especially for loyal Roman Catholics.
We have been discussing how we can help to clear up some of the confusion about what is truth and what is not.
It seems to us that a lot of the faithful do not know their faith. And in some cases they believe it is acceptable to believe some parts of our faith and choose not to believe others. How did we get in this mess and more important how do we get out of it.
Our Holy Fathers Pope John Paul II and Benedict XVI have been warning us about the attacks on our Catholic Culture from relativism and secularism. Well guess what we have an abundance of them both in the good old USA.
Just last week I heard a major network newsman explain how we live in a pluralistic secular state. We used to live in a country with Judeo-Christian values. Now we live in a country with relative values and no values!
In the Judeo-Christian tradition there was absolute truth and issues that came up were black or white.
Now I hear of lot about your truth and my truth and everything is grey not black or white.
We believe the secularists have been blinded by the confusion and they are color blind.
The end result of secularism is atheism at its worst. A society with no respect for any individual.
We receive a lot of feedback from the short video clips that we have posted all over the internet. I have noticed more and more of the respondents are atheists. They even respond that it is okay to kill an unborn baby, because that is best for our society at this time. That is the fruit of secularism and relativism.
We were recently told that we must go with science over religion. However, when science and religion agree, we are told that then we have to go with the will of the people.
The latest coming at us is that we must now find common ground to resolve our differences. We do not know how to find common ground with abortion, which we believe and science tells us that a fetus is a living baby, a human being and ending its life is murder.
No wonder so many people do not know what to believe.
Now that was the bad news, what is the good news. Of course our Lord is not sitting back and letting the whole world go to Gehenna.
As He stated, His ways are above our ways, so we do not understand His plan. We simply must be faithful to Him.
The Bible tells us and our Faith teaches us that Holiness is the Will of the Father.
What is Holiness you may ask? We believe as Mother Teresa often quoted that we are called to become Saints.
How do we do that? We believe the best and fastest way to become a Saint is to study them and see how they handled the problems of their days and times.
Each Saint is endowed with some special gift from God making them unique and individual.
Finally, where can we learn about the Saints?
Now you have asked the question we are prepared to answer with fervor.
Purchase some of our books, dvds, cds or minibooks about the Saints.
In these Treasures you will encounter people just like you and us on the path to Sainthood. Each path was unique and each Saint had their own trials and tribulations.
After reading about and viewing their lives you will begin to see life more clearly, the purpose of life here will be more meaningful and you will begin on your path to Sainthood.
We thank you for your continued support of our mission of evangelization especially now during these serious times.
May God bless America.
Brother Joseph

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