Real Opportunities

Real Opportunities
There certainly is a lot of change occurring in our United States of America these days.
There is a change that more people are more interested in studying the Saints than the Stock Market.
There is a change that more people are turning back to God than becoming atheist.
It may very well be that a lot of the financial problems were allowed to happen to get some people to change and return to basics.
The pessimists are saying now is the time to sell everything and hide because it is going to get worse.
The optimists are saying now is the time to buy, and buy again because everything is at rock bottom prices and prices are only going up in the future.
Our Holy Father has suggested we might be will advised to make a private retreat and get in touch with God to seek His Will in our lives.
This may be the best advice for 2009. For we should only strive to do God’s Will in our lives and the rest will fall into place.
At Holy Family Mission here we believe this is the time of real opportunity. Not financial opportunity but opportunity to bring souls back closer to God.
Why the interest in the Saints? Maybe, people want to know how the Saints coped with crisis. And guess what, I do not know of a single Saint that did not have more than his share of crises.
Saint Gaspar del Bufalo teaches us how to overcome the tyranny of Government as we discovered how he dealt with Napoleon.
Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati teaches the youth how to live in the secular world and become a Saint. And be very happy at the same time.
Each Saint offers some special teaching we need today to cope with our lives at this time. God molded each Saint into a unique jewel and no two are alike. Each had his or her own struggles and weaknesses to overcome.
If you have a problem or weakness, there is a Saint or Blessed that you should study to find a way to cope with it and get rid of it.
We have over 70 Saints in our Super Saints series. These are the most popular dvds we offer and recently the interest has grown, especially after the Fall meltdown on Wall Street.
Remember the words of Pope John Paul II that the new springtime of Church Renewal was coming.
It is more probable that a spiritual renewal will follow hard times rather than good times. Human nature is weak and when times are good, we have a tendency to relax and enjoy, and not think about spiritual things.
Is it going to get worse? We do not know the future, however we do know that this world is passing away and making room for a new world.
Are we nearing the Renewal Pope John Paul II referenced many times during his time as Pope? Possibly yes.
What are we going to do here at Holy Family Mission? We are going to press forward making the programs on the Saints like we have always done.
The key word for us is Press Forward.
God has a plan and we pray we are doing His Will and not ours.
God will be victorious! He is the victor!
Let us pray for our country which He has blessed with so much abundance.
Change is coming for sure and along with it is a heaping helping of real opportunity.
Opportunity for Evangelization! We can change the World! We must change the World!

Thoughts by Brother Joseph Lent 2009

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