Saint Alphonus Ligouri

Saint Alphonsus Ligouri taken from our book, “Saints,Maligned, Misunderstood and Mistreated.”
Alphonsus begins a life in the courts of law
His father had him trained to become a lawyer. By the time he was sixteen years old, he was so proficient in his studies, he received a degree of Doctor of Laws. And this came about in spite of the fact that the required age to receive such a degree was no younger than twenty years of age. When he received his degree, his stature was so small, the robes of his new profession dragged on the floor, dwarfing him, to the delight of all in attendance. His next step – he studied for the Bar, and by the age of nineteen he was able to practice law in the courts, again far ahead of all who had preceded him. The world and its snares were weaving gossamer fibers (not unlike those of a spider’s web), threatening to entrap the young man in its web.
There was an ongoing battle for Alphonsus’ future. Although his father’s focus was to groom him for the world, his mother, who was highly spiritual, was the loving instrument who would prepare him for a future life as Jesus and Mary’s troubadour. But it would not be a battle easily won. Now, don’t get me wrong. Alphonsus’ father, even when trying to arrange a suitable marriage for him, always prompted him to place God first. Father and son even made retreats together.
But temptations were always lying in wait for the brilliant young lawyer. Alphonsus’ confessor testified, he never succumbed to serious sin till his death. In spite of the fact, he did become enamored of his life as a lawyer and grew increasingly fascinated by the daily challenges he was able to easily overcome. The flattery of those who saw his clever prowess in the courts not only turned his head with their open adulation,[1] to compound the problem, Alphonsus found himself setting aside prayer and spiritual reading for the glitter of the world and its relentless temptations. And here, the tempter lurked. It would appear that Alphonsus’ future was sealed, until the day God stepped in. And as we have said so many times, God often has to teach us in painful ways.
[1] praise and admiration
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