Our Lady of Good Counsel

The following article is an excerpt from the chapter on Our Lady of Good Counsel in our book,”Miracles of the Cross.”

As soon as Giorgio awakened, he ran to tell his friend what Our Lady had instructed them to do. However, Our Lady had beat him to the punch. She had appeared to De Sclavis as well, and had given him the same instructions. The two prepared for their final journey, then returned to the church. They knelt in prayer. They were deep in prayer, alternately gazing at the beautiful image of Our Lady on the wall of the church, and then going back into prayer. All of a sudden, they saw the fresco detach itself from the wall. It was then surrounded by a white cloud; Angels positioned themselves all around her. The entire entourage began to move slowly out of the Church. The two soldiers followed, not really believing their eyes, but trusting in Our Lady.
They followed her slowly from the church through the town in the direction of the Adriatic Sea. Did anyone see them? We don’t know. There’s no mention of their coming in contact with anyone as they followed Our Lady on that nineteen mile trip to the sea. At last, they arrived at the shoreline of the Adriatic Sea. They had to wonder what was next, but again, they had complete trust in Our Lady. So they just continued to walk, right into the Adriatic Sea. They were not in a trance or anything of the kind. They knew they were walking into the water. They didn’t know for sure what would happen, but they kept going. As with the Jews crossing the Red Sea, or Peter on the Sea of Tiberias, they were allowed to walk on the water. They looked down as they put one foot in front of the other. As each foot would touch the water, it stepped onto what became a small solid diamond, like slate, which held their weight. Then as that foot would raise up, the little diamond would disappear and another would form as the next foot touched the water. This continued all the way from Albania to Italy, a distance of just over 190 miles, coast to coast. There’s no mention of how long it took for the journey to Italy. An interesting point to note is that all the while they were walking over the sea, they had the sun during the day to guide them, and the moon and stars at night. They never felt cold at night, or hot during the day. They never tired, although this trip had to take days, at least. They never felt hungry or thirsty, for the entire time they were following Our Lady. After they arrived on land in Italy, the journey continued on land in the direction of Rome. At a given point, the soldiers could see the towers of the churches of Rome. They were sure that this was where Our Lady wanted to go. But she was full of surprises. At a given point, just when they ventured near the gates of the city of Rome, the image of Our Lady, with the cloud and the Angels, disappeared. She was gone. They were shocked. This was the only reason they were here. What would they do now? Now they found that they were exhausted, in need of sleep, and famished. They realized they had not eaten in days. They went in search of food and shelter.

For more information about our book “Miracles of the Cross” and Our Lady of Good Counsel click here

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