Role Models for the young- Dominic Savio – Pier Giorgio Frassati

Family, we have been blessed with a visit from Pope Benedict XVI. He said a lot of really important things during his time here. We just want to focus on his talk on Saturday in Yonkers, New York to a group of young people. He said
“The Saints are the Role Models for the young!”
We have been trying to get that message across for many years now.
Today, we want to stress two very strong young Saints, both of whom share the title of Patron Saint of the Young.
Dominic Savio was a protege of St. Don Bosco, during a turbulent time in Turin, Italy, during the height of the Industrial Revolution, when young people were thrown away as garbage, or worse yet, used as thieves and prostitutes. Dominic Savio was sent to us to prove that we don’t have to buy into that lie, no matter what our circumstances are. He had two mottoes which we find very powerful. “Without Compromise!” and “Death, but not sin!”
At a time when peer pressure was far greater than today, he was able to maintain his values and be a strong role model for all the young people he met. He died at 15 years old.

Pier Giorgio Frassati – Born into a wealthy family, whose father was well known and founder, editor-in-chief and owner of Turin’s most important daily paper, La Stampa and state senator, whose views were anything but those of his blessed son, Pier Giorgio grew up a very normal boy, who loved all the things the young of his time and surroundings loved, mountain climbing, football and the rest. But one thing he loved more was Jesus, and he followed Jesus’ love of the poor. Pier Giorgio gave most of his possessions away to help the poor, and even managed to get others to do the same. He was given the title, “Man of the Beatitudes” by Pope John Paul II on the occasion of his Beatification in 1990.
This summer, we will be going to his hometown in Italy to make a program on his life.
We have already made one on the life of St. Dominic Savio.
Consider these two brave Super Saints as Role Models, especially with regards to peer pressure.
God bless you.

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