Family, we want to thank you for all the numerous positive responses we received from our recent blog about all our videos being taken off Youtube.

We’ve had responses such as “If they can take Bob and Penny off, who can feel safe?”

We’ve been interviewed on many Catholic Radio stations all over the country.  The response is the same.  Shock and fear.

We don’t understand why we were taken off either.  Their reasoning goes from

“spam, scams and commercially deceptive content” to

“Spiders and robots” to

“maybe you have malware  in your system,

to the latest, “perhaps you have a virus.”

Now, all of these things are ridiculous.  We would not have a clue how to do any of that stuff.

We’ve been on Youtube for five years.  We have never had a problem with them until this week.

We’ve been asked over and over if we believe it had anything to do with the fact that we are a Catholic Ministry.  We do believe it’s possible that we’re part of the attack on the Catholic Church and Christian Ministries.  So that possibility exists.  We’ll just have to wait and see..

But understand something. Youtube is owned by Google. It’s a free service they provide.  When you sign up with them, there is a list of terms and conditions long enough to choke a horse.  But if you want to be on Youtube, you accept them.

And their major term and condition is that they can terminate you at any time for any reason or no reason.

So there it is.  As they say “Get over it.”  Well, it’s not easy, because we spent a lot of time and money to put hundreds of clips on Youtube. Our only goal was Evangelization Many of our followers used Youtube to get information on Saints, Apparitions of Our Lady and Eucharistic Miracles.  They used these clips for teaching.  We’re sad for them. But we will all get through this.  You can still see our programs on EWTN.  We are on five days a week.  And you can always access us at bobandpennylord.com

On the upside, since we’ve been taken off Youtube, our website has received much more traffic, and our sales are up.  Praise God.  He is in charge of all things.

We love you.  God bless you.

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